Scott Drzonsc, Gearfire’s National Sales Manager, visits SHOT Show for the first time.

Visiting SHOT Show for the first time is overwhelming. As you know, it is the largest annual trade show in our industry. We asked our new National Sales Manager to give us his thoughts after a very rewarding (and exhausting) week at the show. This is his story.

SHOT Show - Tim, Scott, Travis

There is a first time for everything…first day of school, first beer, first time shooting a gun, first kiss and so on. I personally kicked off 2017 with my first visit to SHOT Show in Las Vegas! Not only was it my first time to “SHOT”, it was my first time working with my amazing colleagues at Gearfire, in a convention setting.

Being new to the firearms industry and with my new employer, there was a high level of anticipation for the show to begin. Our team made the drive from Scottsdale, AZ to Las Vegas on Monday. Then we were off to start the show at the Sands Convention Center on Tuesday.

It was amazing to see the sea of people bust through the door on Tuesday morning.

As the Gearfire team weaved our way through all of the patrons to finally reach our booth, the excitement and chatter was deafening. The beginning of SHOT Show 2017 was only moments away!

Not only was it my first time to SHOT Show, it was a first for Gearfire as well. We had our own booth on the convention floor. In attendance was our CEO, COO, President, Director of Operations, Director of Consumer Products, Director of Accounts, Account Executive and myself. Check them out for yourself here.
The Gearfire team was assembled, and we were ready to take on SHOT Show 2017! My mission was to share the story of the premiere ecommerce solution we provide for retail gun store owners.
The show went off with no glitches. We were prepared to meet the sea of people that graciously visited the Gearfire booth Tuesday through Friday. In addition to those folks interested in what we do, we also met with many of our current Gearfire dealers to discuss their business and our ecommerce solution. We heard how each dealer utilizes Gearfire’s ecommerce platform to grow their business. But perhaps more importantly, it was great to hear what they would like us to implement in the future.

Our customers are our voice of change, and Gearfire is always ready to listen.

When meeting with prospective dealers, we shared the Gearfire story and explained exactly what we provide. Stated simply, we are the industry’s premiere ecommerce solution for retail gun stores.

I also had the opportunity to meet with TSYS, Sports South and Commonwealth Financing. Gearfire has a long-standing professional relationship with these partners, so it was nice to put some faces to names. Here we are with the folks from TSYS, our highly recommended Merchant Service Provider.

SHOT Show - Aimee, Scott, TSYS

For me, the really fun part of SHOT Show was meeting industry folks from China, Japan, Australia, Serbia, Barbados, Canada and everywhere in between! You could say it was an international industry melting pot!

Friday was Inauguration Day, and the swearing in of President Donald J. Trump.

As the nation was welcoming the 45th President of the United States to office, the ceremony was smack dab in the middle of SHOT Show’s morning session. TV’s in booths throughout the show floor were all tuned to the Inauguration Ceremony. As President Trump was officially sworn in, an eruption of cheer emanated throughout the convention center floor. Wherever or not you’re a fan of President Trump, it was inspiring to see the massive display of U.S.A. pride from thousands in SHOT Show attendance.

So what was my takeaway from SHOT Show 2017? For my first time, it was a lot to take in. I noticed our industry has a LOT of positive energy. Attendees range from young to old, male and female, and truly all walks of life. I can say that our industry is willing to embrace technology, like Gearfire’s premiere ecommerce solution.

I will offer a few words of advice in closing. If you plan to attend SHOT Show in the future, be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Take it from someone who (STILL) has very sore feet!

I can’t wait for SHOT Show 2018! Go Gearfire!