So you have a fancy new ecommerce website. What’s next? If you aren’t thinking about DRIVING traffic and sales to your website, it isn’t working for you as well as it should!

This post was written by Scott Drzonsc.

If you are unable to properly market or drive traffic to your website, you won’t be able to find new customers, and your site will be a BUST. Below are 5 easy ways to promote your ecommerce website:

1 – Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just a few of the social media websites you can use to drive traffic to your website. Being active on social media is easy, and posting takes only a few minutes. Success with social media can vary from these examples.

  • posting discount coupons
  • announcing upcoming events and/or new inventory

The key to effective posting of any kind is to include a link to your ecommerce website to generate customer interest. This creates traffic and sales on your website!

Link Example:

2 – Email Signature

Does your email signature include a link to your ecommerce website? Every email you send is a marketing opportunity to increase traffic and sales!


Scott Drzonsc
National Sales Manager
ecommerce email signature footer
D: (480) 696-4304
C: (602) 980-5598

3 – Blog

You are the industry expert in what you sell. Why not share your opinion? Blogging is a very easy and viable option to help promote your ecommerce website. You can write about a variety of topics from industry trends, product reviews or even showcase an employee by interviewing them!

Not only does your blog provide the means for your customers to interact with you, it also proves your business is legitimate to new visitors. If your blog is not part of your website, be sure to add links TO your website each time you post.

4 – Customer Testimonials

Who better to promote what you do than a happy customer? Take the positive feedback you receive, and rebrand it into ecommerce promotion. Using your social media websites is a brilliant way to utilize these testimonials in a positive manner for promotion. You could also use the testimonials within your blogging efforts. Let your customers create your content, and watch your traffic and sales soar!

5 – Contact Lists

Do you collect information on your current or potential customers? If so, take these lists and utilize them to promote your ecommerce website with an email blast. Tell them about your business, upcoming sales and promotions, holiday specials, etc. Don’t forget to mention how to find your website AND physical store!

Gearfire Dealer Tip: Each time a sale is transacted on your website, the customer’s contact information is stored. Use your customer list to market for repeat business.

In conclusion, dipping your toes into the ecommerce pool is not a scary thing. Have a plan and set goals when thinking about your early expectations. Keep them reasonable. Ask yourself this, “how long did it take to build a customer base with only your brick-and-mortar store?” Ecommerce is no different. Be patient and realize that wasn’t created overnight.