A Dream Team is cliché. But we are really on to something here.

At Gearfire, we are committed to providing the best customer service to go along with the most exceptional product available. For the last four years, there were some website development tasks that could not be completed in-house. So, as Gearfire continues to grow, we introduce our brand new in-house IT dream team!

With our new IT team in place, we can handle web development issues more quickly, with no ‘middle man’. Also, we can gather important data and analytics, implement new website features, generate the best visual and functional experience for consumers, and more! We have big plans in store. Our dream team has been hard at work from the start.

Let’s meet the team!

Chuck Morehead

Chuck M. – Director of Information Technology
Chuck leads our internal team as well as external IT teams, and
guides the technology decision of Gearfire’s projects and new
initiatives. He is an avid trail runner, and has completed nine
ultramarathons ranging from 50 kilometers to 50 miles (wow!).

Jeff Sykes

Jeff S. – Front-End Developer
Jeff works on designing and implementing new customer-facing functionality
and customizing the look of our dealers’ websites. He enjoys downhill mountain
biking, paddle boarding and spending quality time outdoors with his family.


Ross B. – Business Analyst / Project manager
Ross gathers requirements for projects, then coordinates with the team to
complete projects on time and to deliver the best quality product.

Emily Rubin

Emily T. – Web Data Analyst
Emily extracts meaningful data from our systems, and improves website
analytics that are gathered.

Gearfire is extremely exited to have this new dream team as a part of our workforce. We plan to utilize each team member’s strengths to better the Gearfire brand, and to bring our valued dealers the absolute best product yet!