Greetings NFDNetwork Dealers!

In case you haven’t heard, our NFDNetwork dealers win FREE GUN STUFF! We call it our Dealer Incentive Sweepstakes, and it works in conjunction with our Consumer Loyalty Sweepstakes. But maybe I should start from the beginning.

In August of 2015, we decided to do something great for the consumers that make our network (and YOUR business) succeed. You have probably noticed the ads running on your website telling your customers what they can win. We have partnered with various firearms manufacturers to host Sweepstakes giveaways! Thus, our Consumer Loyalty Sweepstakes was born. In fact, we are just days away from giving away a Big Boy from Henry Repeating Arms!

Then, we took our sweepstakes one step further, and decided to reward you, our valued dealers, at the same time! For every Consumer Loyalty Sweepstakes we host, there is an identical prize given to one of our NFDNetwork dealers. So, you guessed it, in just a few days, we are giving one of YOU a Big Boy from Henry as well!

How To Win:

To enter the Dealer incentive Sweepstakes, just keep doing what you already do with your NFDNetwork website: sell and procure! You will earn points while conducting your regular business. Each point counts as one entry into the Dealer Incentive Sweepstakes.

  • Earn 10 POINTS for every product you sell on your NFDNetwork website
  • Earn 10 POINTS for every product you procure from your distributors using the Assembly Order function on the back end of your website.

Keep Track of the Points You Earn

If you haven’t already, sign up for free at GearfireHub, our gun-friendly social media website! Then, claim your dealer page here. Once your dealer page is claimed, you can track the points you earn toward the sweepstakes by clicking the “My Rewards” tab on GearfireHub. Oh, and you can use your dealer page as a FREE marketing tool for your business and NFDNetwork website!

Plus, activity on GearfireHub earns you MORE POINTS toward the Dealer Incentive Sweepstakes.

  • Earn 100 POINTS for every friend you refer to the Hub, and makes a purchase from your NFDNetwork website
  • Earn 15 POINTS each time you share GearfireHub on facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram (maximum of 60 points per social media website).

That is all there is to it! Keep doing what you do to help your business and website, and you could be our next winner! Take a look below to see who has already won, and best of luck to YOU in future Dealer Incentive Sweepstakes!

Trijicon Winner Daniel Defense Winner Trijicon AccuPower® Winner

Team Never Quit Winner Reaper Outdoors Winner