Not long ago, Gearfire added a new Product Specialist to the team. Growth is good, right? In any case, his name is Caleb, and he knows his way around a firearm. He’s a competitive shooter, and a darn good one! But, Caleb doesn’t have much experience hunting. Some of the other folks in our building decided it was time for that to change. So, in Caleb’s own words, he shares his story of his first kill, and his respect for the craft, and nature itself.

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Caleb’s first deer hunt… with a bow?

I have always had an interest in hunting, and was offered the opportunity to go predator hunting with my friend and co-worker, Adam. After going out several times, I got the first hand experience of hunting, and knew this is something I really wanted to get more involved in.


Just knowing I could learn to harvest an animal and process my own meat was really intriguing to me. So I decided to put in for a rifle deer hunt here in Arizona. After finding out I did not get drawn for rifle deer tag, Adam told me I could buy a bow and Archery hunt instead. I should mention that I never shot a bow before, and I had less than two months to get ready for this hunt. Still wanting to hunt big game, I purchased a bow. With some expert guidance from Adam, we began the process of scouting and setting up an area for a ground blind to hunt archery Coues deer. 


Once the season opened, Adam and I sat at the ground blind for a couple days. With only one-shot opportunity that was less than ideal, we had to go back to work. We planned on coming back later in the week, hunting the afternoons when we got off of work. One day, we headed back out with only a couple hours to hunt. We sat in the blind and within 30 minutes, a deer worth shooting walked into view!

Adam gave me the distance to the deer and once it stopped I took my shot. Adam was able to tell from the blood that the shot was a liver shot, and it was going to take time for the buck to expire. With the sun light fading we decided that it would be best to come back out first thing the next morning to recover the deer. 


The next morning, we got on the blood trail and followed it for about a quarter mile. I remember walking behind Adam, when he turned around to ask me how I felt about killing my first deer. All I could say was “Where is he?”.

When I walked up to my buck I was speechless. Check out the short video of the big reveal!

I was proud of myself for being able to harvest a deer on my first big game hunt. For me, this is more than just hunting and killing. I like knowing where my food/meat comes from. You can’t get anymore “organic” meat than what I was able to get from this deer.   

Adam Caleb Deer

Big thanks to Adam for helping me get into hunting. I really can’t wait to go again.