Great news! A new ATF ruling allows electronic log books!

At the Firearms Industry Compliance Conference, held on May 2nd, the ATF announced three new industry rulings. One of which allows electronic log books. The days of time-consuming paper log books, and storing those books are over! And as a member of the Gearfire network of dealers, your transition from paper to electronic books is easy, secure…and FREE!

The following is an excerpt from Orchid Advisors regarding the ATF ruling allowing electronic receipts and disposals of firearms:

ATF Ruling 2016-1 (Supersedes ATF Ruling 2013-5)

The most significant change from ATF Ruling 2013-5 to ATF Ruling 2016-1 is the ability to utilize a contracted or leased server, including use of cloud-based technology provided that certain conditions are met. The following are notable excerpts from the Ruling.

  • Clarifications were made as to the requirements for correcting entries into the A&D book.
  • Electronic firearms acquisition and disposition records may be stored on a computer server or device owned and operated by the licensee, or contracted/leased by the licensee through a host facility (e.g., remote server or cloud storage provider), provided that:
    • The firearms acquisition and disposition records are readily accessible through a computer or device located at the licensed premises during regular business hours; and
    • The licensee’s server is located within the United States or its territories, or if a host facility is used, that facility must have a business premises within the United States or its territories, and must be subject to U.S. legal process.
    • Licensees are strongly encouraged to ensure that there are proper and robust security protection measures in place (e.g., encryption) to ensure all data is protected.

So what does all this mean for you? Well, you can save time and money for one. Does that get your attention?

EGOSS - Your online FFL bound book

Let’s talk about EGOSS

Since the ATF ruling allows electronic log books, you can get started immediately. EGOSS is a FREE service provided by Gearfire that allows you to store your FFL log books electronically. Since you are a member of the Gearfire network, you already have a subscription to EGOSS.

What can EGOSS do for you?

  • It saves you time, because using EGOSS is twice as fast as keeping hand-written log books
  • It saves you money, because all that time being saved is NOT going into payroll.
  • It gives you control. When the ATF stops by your store, you can easily generate and print lists of all your firearms on-hand, transferred firearms, custom reports, etc.
  • It saves you MORE time, because searching for records is easy using a serial number, customer’s name or manufacturer.
  • It helps you avoid mistakes. EGOSS eliminates many common log book entry errors. No more moving records to new pages. Plus, if a mistake IS made, one click of your mouse moves the record to a new page for correction, and notes the original record as having been moved.
  • EGOSS log books are stored on secure, cloud-based, double-redundant servers. Your books can never be lost.
  • You can access your EGOSS log books from any computer with an internet connection, anywhere.


How do you get started?

If you are not currently using EGOSS, visit and click Register. Enter your 16 digit activation code, and follow the registration questions, as prompted. That’s it! if you do not know your 16 digit activation code, simply contact your account manager by phone or email, and we will be happy to assist you.

Additionally, all Gearfire dealers can access training videos and documents for EGOSS by visiting the “Basic Training” section on the back end of their website.

If you are a licensed firearms dealer, and NOT part of the Gearfire network of dealers, but would still like to subscribe to EGOSS, just give us a call! A subscription is extremely affordable, at just $299 PER YEAR. You may reach us by calling (480) 696-4335.